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I am 38 years old single heterosexual male looking for casual/short-term, long-term, physical/intimate relationship(s).
City, State:Mississauga, Ontario
Zodiac Sign:Libra
Chinese Sign:Rooster
About Me:
Okay lets start with the basics. I'm independant, straight forward,honest,witty,sarcastic,can be silly,and very open minded. I am kind,but don't mistake kindness for weakness. I have a strong personality. Definatley not a pushover. Goal orientated, and strive to complete them. I use a big dry erase board to keep track and stay motivated. I don't go to bars or clubs often. If I find a dance floor im definately the first one there, even if its empty. I like to take the lead and be pounced. Whynot?
Height:5 feet 05 inches (165 cm)
Weight:121-140 lbs (55-63 kg)
Body Type:Athletic
Physical Appearance:Attractive
Hair Color:Brunette/brown
Eye Color:Dark-brown
Income:$25,000 to $49,999
Drinking Habits:Occasionally/socially
Smoking Habits:Trying to quit
Have Children:No
Want Children:Undecided
Pets:No pets
Favorite Activities/Hobbies:
I'm a graffiti artist and compete in breakdancing competitions. I like Paintball,music,art,movies (even artsy and black and white),cards,boardgames,chess,anime,hentai,sex,reading,drawing,mensa,zombies,butterfly knives,walking,over packing,fasion
Favorite Books/Authors:
Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk, World War Z by Max Brooks, The Rising by Brian Keene,Why men love b*tches, Books by doctors, Fiction and non-fiction. This season I like the poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee". I basically am Sam Mcgee.
Favorite Movies/TV shows:
I watch a lot of series from TMN. I used to like Dexter, now its too repetitive. Trueblood, Californication, Little Britan USA. Lost,Dragonball,gameshows (I will apply to a gameshow shortly),House. Favorite movie is Donnie Brasco.
Favorite Music/Artists:
Ahh quite the question. I am passionate about music like everything else I love. I like quite a range of music. Bonus points for you if you ask me to send some youtube links. Funk,soft rock,rock,poser punk,electronica,hip hop,1930's. Basically everything
Favorite Food:
I cook well, my favorite dish to make and eat right now. Lemon chicken with roasted red pepper asparagus. I'm a steak and potatoes kinda guy. I Hate cauliflower. Love to eat out (lol that too) and staying in to cook. I can do fancy or casual restaurants.

His Match
2 things that are very important to me in a girl: having an open mind, and honesty. Communication is key, I'm not a mind reader. Straight forward is appreciated. Few things that I like, but not needed. Funky hairstyles are hot, and love the colors. Skirts and dresses are a bonus. I like a girl who gets her nails done. Can dress up and dress down to relax. Hot costumes are dorothy from wizard of oz or sexy goth. Quite the range isn't it. I guess thats up to you.Challenge me,take the lead somtimes
I Would Like To Meet:Heterosexual female
From:22 to 35 years old
Located Within:75 miles
Height From:4ft 00in To 7ft 11in (122 to 241 cm)
Weight From:80-100 lbs (36-45 kg) To 141-160 lbs (64-72 kg)
Relationship Status:Any
Body Type:Any
Physical Appearance:Any
Hair Color:Any
Eye Color:Any
Drinking Habits:Any
Smoking Habits:Any
Has Children:Any
Wants Children:Any

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